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Passion Led Us Here

Our mission

Accomplish More is a student-led organization that provides free online tutoring for elementary school students. We know it is necessary to know this curriculum for the rest of your life and many cannot afford extra tutoring. Our mission is to help these students by providing academic support and helping them accomplish more.

We have a vision to help as many students achieve a goal throughout their elementary years. It not only motivates them but also gives them the knowledge to learn and understand subjects better. 

Tutoring should be available to every student. All of our tutors are volunteers who help us in making our vision be fulfilled. 

The creators


Hi, I’m Srihithaa, a sophomore in a high school in North Carolina. I came up with this idea to help elementary schoolers get ahead in their studies, as well as help high schoolers earn volunteer hours for college. This is an opportunity that will help everyone in both age groups!! 

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